Sauraha Chitwan National Park is one of the famous national parks in Nepal. That provides you the opportunity to learn and discover wild animals. Just to be frank, there’s a low chance of you seeing wild animals during your jeep safari. But dont worry, as you will definitely get a chance to see the local non-aggressive rhino. He is usually found running in the streets of Sauraha. Sauraha Chitwan National Park is such a place that you would never want to leave.

Even if it is a national park, i.e. a huge number of differences in wild animals, the major danger that you can face is wild elephants. The wild elephants might attack you and try to rip off your limbs. So be careful.

Sauraha Chitwan National Park is 160km from Kathmandu by road and is 155km from Pokhara. The entry fee to Sauraha Chitwan National Park is NPR.500. This national park is home to Bengal Tigers, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Bears, leopards, Rhino, Elephants, Butterflies, Birds, and many others. The Rapti river separates the national park with Sauraha which is safe to swim in.

Do you like to walk? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. You can walk for miles along walking route from west to north. And if that is not enough you can walk to the rural Tharu village that is north and east of the village.


Well, if you ask me what to do in Sauraha then let me tell you the things that I did there.

  • First of all, after reaching Sauraha take a room. Be fresh. After being fresh, walk towards the Sauraha National park and see the lovely sunset.
  • Go for an elephant ride. (you will love it)
  • Interested in birds? Then go for bird watching over the unique named lake “20,000 lakes”.
  • Spend your night in the jungle spotting the wild animals from the lookout tower.
  • Definitely watch the Tharu cultural show. You can also hire a bike and roam around the Tharu villages.
  • Watch the precious moment of elephants being bathed. You can swim too in the river.
  • Go for a jungle walk.
  • Go for jungle safari.
  • Maybe go for canoeing. (Trust me it is very scary!!)
  • Drink cold beverages at one of the beach bars.


Frankly, according to me the maximum number of days you need in order properly visit Sauraha Chitwan National park is 3 days. In these 3 days, you will be able to do the things that are mention above (WHAT TO DO?) .


The best season to visit Sauraha is during the dry season i.e. November to April and March. In this season the temperature is not so hot and the elephant grass is cut down for the proper sighting of animals.


Sauraha is highly populated by tourists and as well as Nepalese. As because of that, the cost of the lodge and hotels is high. See List of hotels


Trust me you dont want to eat in your hotel as the hotel tends to be costly. You better go out and search for restaurants. You can find many restaurants that are local (local traditional) as well as fancier. See the list of restaurants



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