Pokhara is a lakeside city that means its a city that is just beside the lake. This place has grabbed a lot of people’s interest. Foreigners as well as Nepalese. Pokhara city is famous for its lakes, caves, mesmerizing mountains, and of course nature’s beauty.

Frankly speaking, Pokhara is famous for its laid back chill vibes. This city has a huge number of hotels, bars, and restaurants. Where you can have a good time. The best season for visiting Pokhara is April to June when days are hot and nights are chilly. This is the perfect season for trekking purposes.

10 Things To Do In Pokhara:-

1. World Peace Pagoda

As the name states the World Peace Pagoda is the symbol of peace. It was basically constructed for spreading Buddhism. There are around 100 peace pagodas all over the world. You need to hike in order to get there. During your hike, you can see beautiful Fewa lake, the beautiful mountains and also the lovely Pokhara valley. (map here)

2. International Mountaineering Museum

Nepal is famous for its Mountains and its natural beauty. Also, Pokhara is a city that has the highest number of mountains. And because of that, I think that the International Mountaineering Museum is in the perfect place.

This museum grants you the opportunity to learn about the process and method of mountain climbing. This museum also represents the cultural aspects of Sherpa culture. The museum is very spacious that has the historical, geological, and hiking instruments used during mountain climbing. You can find this place very fascinating. (map here)

Mountain museum Pokhara

3. Phewa Lake

Basically Fewa lake is the gem of Pokhara. Mainly people know Pokhara as Fewa lake. The fell of Fewa lake is just awesome. There’s peace and the beauty of the lake is just WOW. The laid back vibe of the lake is going to make you feel relaxed for sure. Fewa lake has a lot of restaurants on its bank. If you wish you can have a lovely time there. The entrance of Fewa lake is near the headquarters of the Tourist Police.

Fewa lake at Pokhara

4. Boating on Phewa Lake

Another thing that you can do is boating on Phewa lake. As mentioned before its relaxing and has chill vibes. During boating, you can see a lot of fish of different colors. Wearing the life jacket is a must-do thing for boating on Phewa lake. And the cost of it is around NPR 100. You can hire a boat rider or you can rent your own boat.

Boating on Fewa Lake

5. Paragliding

Do you know the best place for observing the mountain range of Annapurna Circuit? No? Then let me tell you. The best place for observing is definitely Pokhara. Even better if you are paragliding right? As you glide through the clouds, you will be able to see the mountain range along with the beautiful view of Fewa lake and Pokhara city. It costs $120 and for Nepalese, the cost is NPR 5000 (If you can bargain).

Paragliding in Pokhara

6. Barahi Tal Temple (aka Barahi Lake Temple)

Barahi Tal (‘Lake’) Temple is a religious place of Hindus. Many Hindu cultured personnel can be seen there. This temple is a two-storied pagoda styled temple. You can visit this temple by boat only as it is located at the center of the Fewa lake. On the day of Saturdays, male animal sacrifice is done as an offering to God.

 Barahi temple on the center of fewa lake {Pokhara

7. Mahendra Caves & Devi Falls

From Pokhara, 30 minutes ride will take you to Mahendra cave and Davids fall. These two-places are situated in front of each other. Mahendra cave is to the left whereas Davids fall is toward the right. These two places are separated by the road.

Mahendra cave is famous for its limestones. It is a dark cave filled with bats. It is a religious place for Hindus as there is a sculpture of Hindu deity Ganesh. Some people come here to worship too. For the easiness of the people having bad knees, metal stairs are placed. To get inside the cave you must pay some entrance charge.

Mahendra cave

Davids Falls also known as Patale Chhango or Hells falls was named after a trekker, Daven David. Unfortunately, he fell inside the falls and it caused his death. From that day this place was named Davids Falls.

8. Sarangkot

You remember the Paragliding right? This is the place where paragliding is done in Pokhara. Sarankot is very popular among tourists and also Nepalese people. Sarankot is famous for its majestic view of the sun. The sunrise is just too awesome. During the sunrise, you can see the Beautiful mountain Machapuchare. The sun kissing Mt. Machapuchare is just eye melting. You must visit this place to see the sunrise.

9. Lakeside Pokhara

If you are a trekker of just a normal visitor then you will definitely be here. Pokhara seems small but actually is big. It is the second-largest city in Nepal. The lakeside of Pokhara is a very busy place mainly during night time. There is a lot of restaurants as well as bars where you can have a good time. You should definitely visit Lakeside during night time. (see map).

Night view of Lakeside Pokhara

10. Begnas and Rupa Lake

Begnas and Rupa Lake are two beautiful lakes that are 15km from the Pokhara city. These lakes are famous for their natural beauty and their fish. You can take a boat ride, swim as well as participate in fishing. You can participate in many other activities there. Begnas lake has a 3.73 square km area whereas, Rupa lake has a 1.12 square km area. Also, you can visit the fishery Research Center.

Well, I had a fantastic time during my stay in Pokhara. Be sure to visit these recommended places guys. Stay safe.


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