Bandipur Nepal is a beautiful, peaceful, and cultured town that reflects the Newari culture of Nepal. It is located inside Gandaki Zone. Bandipur is a hilltop spot that you won’t regret being. Before a couple of years, Bandipur was not known to most of the tourists. But because of the easiness of the transport facility also, it’s cultural ways and the natural beauty, this place has gained a lot of fame.

It is the mid spot that is located between the Pokhara and Kathmandu. You will find many foreigners, as well as Nepalese during your visit there. Bandipur’s has altitude 1030m that lies in the Mahabharat Range.

You ask “Why to visit this place????” Well, the environment is very calm and the scene of the beautiful landscape is just WOW! Also, if you just had a long trek then this place is the best place to get that tired body of yours RELAXED.

Way To Bandipur From Kathmandu?

For getting To Bandipur there are two ways. You can take the local bus that charges you around NPR 650-750. This vehicle is going to drop you off at a place called Dumre-Bandipur gate. You can take these options for booking your tickets Greenline and NepalBuses. Now for the other option, you can take travel packages from the travel agents. That way the travel agency is going to get you to Bandipur in a private vehicle.

If you are from Pokhara then the trip to Bandipur from Pokhara will cost you NPR 70-100 it varies according to your bargaining capability. If you search and find the right bus, then you will be taken directly to the center of Bandipur.

Places to Visit in Bandipur Nepal

Bandipur is a lovely place that has a lot of spots that you can visit and feel the nature’s beauty. Among them, I have listed some of the spots that you must go to.

Thani Mai Temple

Thani Mai Temple takes 40 minutes to walk from Bandipur. It can be tiring for some visitors. It is a Hindu temple. Be careful the trail is steep.

From Thani Mai Temple the view of the sunrise and sunset is just awesome. This place is known for sun views and panorama views of the majestic mountains.

Khadga Devi Temple

After a walk of 10-15 minutes from Bandipur, you will reach your destination Khadga Devi Temple. The view is fantastic from here. If you ask me then the view fo Thani Mai Temple and this cannot be compared. But it is near so why not?

Memorial Park, Bandipur Nepal

After walking 9-12 minutes you can reach Memorial Park. As the name says its a beautiful park that has seats for you. There you can relax and do your thing.

Siddha Cave

Siddha Cave can be reached after walking 90 mins. You can ask the locals regarding the route. The locals will be glad to help you. You must pay NPR 100 to enter the cave. If you want a guide then it will cost around NPR 300-350. But be sure to carry your mobile for the light. It is really dark inside.

Where to Crash In Bandipur Nepal?

There you can find a lot of hotels. If you can bargain you might be able to get a decent room at a decent price. If not there are some fabulous hotels with fabulous charges.

Thinking About Food?

Samay Baji

Frankly speaking, the best place to have food in Bandipur is a local Newari restaurant that is located at the end of Bandipur Bazar. Samay Baji grants you the opportunity to grab a taste of the Newari cultured food. Not bad right? I definitely recommend this place. Also, the price is cheap relative twonto other restaurants there.

I also had a friendly chat with the owner his wife and their lovely daughter. All were modest, humble, and kind towards there customers. I bet you won’t find any better place than this to have food in Bandipur.wont


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